Email Marketing – The Growth Accelerator For Your Business

According to the statistics of 2016, there are one billion active Gmail users worldwide. That seems like a huge figure. What about using mailing for marketing? Sounds like a great idea. So, email marketing has been in use for business promotion for a long time.

Although there are many marketing strategies, marketing through email stands out from the rest. I know you are here to learn the importance of email marketing. Hmm. It is a cost-effective solution for expanding your online business. Moreover, it makes you more credible.

Email marketing is forty times more fruitful for business than Facebook & Twitter.

So, let’s start digging deep into the world of email marketing.

Email Marketing – What Is It – How It Works?

Email marketing is the kind of marketing that is most profitable of all. In addition, it is a very cost-effective direct marketing channel that generates higher ROI every year.

It is all about updating your customers about your new products or services. Plus, you can email marketing to build a community for your brand.

In simple word

“Email marketing is sending marketing emails to promote your business. In addition, it refers to telling your customers about any news related to your product or service.”

Email for marketing purposes can be of three types.

Promotional emails

Promotional emails contain call-to-actions. So, they aim for the target customers to take a particular action.

Informational emails

Informational emails are all about educating customers on particular topics. Likewise, you can tell your customers about the delays or glitches on your website. 

Re-engagement emails

The kind of emails that alert customers who have not been active lately are re-engagement emails. 

Email Marketing – A Gateway To Success in Digital Marketing

Businesses have become dependent on digital marketing. In addition, the world is becoming more digital nowadays. Therefore, it is better to move forward with modern marketing strategies.

Email marketing has been one of the great marketing strategies. Plus, it is one of the unique ways to grow your business. It is inexpensive as well as time-saving. So, marketers prefer to practice email marketing for business expansion.

Plus, email is a more professional way of communication than any other.

Do you know 72% of customers prefer communication through email?

Well, that is true. Emailing is a trustworthy platform. In addition, it involves lesser chances of scams.

So, your wait is over here.

Read below why email marketing is an inevitable part of digital marketing.

Be More Trustworthy & Credible

Email marketing is one of the efficient ways to win customer trust. In addition, you can create greater brand credibility with email marketing.

When you share helpful material through emails, your audience trusts your services. In addition, you can attract the right clients by creating appealing emails.

Your audience can get an idea of your brand through your email. So, it is up to you to create engaging and customer-friendly emails for them. It will not only help to make you credible but grab their attention.

So, gear up to make good use of email marketing. Win the trust of users and let your business rise.

Promote Your Services Smartly

Do you know 99% of customers check their mailboxes every day?

Email is constantly winning in digital marketing. In addition, it has been the quickest and most reasonable way to promote your business. However, it would help if you were smart. Well, let me tell you what I mean by being smart.

Read below how you can use smart ways for your business promotion.

  • Your emails must be well-designed.
  • There must be a consistent brand voice in your email. Furthermore, it would help if you showcase your company’s personality effectively.
  • Remember to send a welcome email once the customer subscribes to your services.
  • Keep sending promotional emails to your audience.
  • Informational emails are also important whenever needed.

Hmm. The good use of email marketing can help expand your business.

Email Is Scalable. Measurable & Versatile

Email marketing, you beauty! Oops, what made me say that? Well, email is scalable. You scale as your reach grows more. Plus, you can scale your actions for multiple people.

Another great thing about email marketing is it is measurable. Likewise, you can get access to

  • Delivery reports
  • Emails opened by any browser/geography
  • Percentage of clicks
  • Click rates

Through these analytics, you can easily measure the reach of your emails.

Further, marketing email is versatile. Plus, you can use audiovisuals, GIFs, or any content in your email. So, it will help attract the attention of your customers.

Personalized & Targeted Messaging – The Hallmark Of Email Marketing

Personalization is every marketer’s dream. Isn’t it? So, it is good to use a value proposition for every customer. Moreover, email marketing is a pretty good realization of this dream.

Also, personalization is one of the ideal email marketing tips. You can add characteristics to your business that relate to your customers.

In simple words

“Personalization refers to creating unique emails for every person on your list.”

When you incorporate personalization in email marketing, it helps to

  • Make visitors more interactive with your brand.
  • Give your target customers more knowledge about your business.
  • Increase your sales more than without personalization.
  • Build loyalty and increase credibility.

Email marketing automation is also helpful to personalize emails.

Get Immediate Response – Boost Sales!

We all want to see quick results when it comes to business. Well, well, well! Don’t we? What if I tell you that e-mail marketing can give you quick results? Oops! It is true.

If you are running a small business, email marketing can work wonders for you. Moreover, every sale, order, and subscription can have a beneficial effect on your business. So, you can use email marketing for the quickest results.

Further, you can track your results as well. Plus, getting quick results and tracking analytics improves the performance of your campaign.

Let me say

“Email marketing is the most rewarding strategy for new & old marketers alike.”

E-mail Marketing Is A Win-Win For Leads Generation

Only some people on your list are likely to make a purchase. Moreover, only some of your email contacts will sign up for your service. However, you can get a chance to build valuable relationships with your audience.

You can send promotional and informational emails to your potential buyers. So they will get to know more about your brand. Ultimately, you get increased traffic and more leads.

“If you are looking for immediate results in leads generation, go for none other than email marketing.”

However, you must gather information about potential customers first. Likewise, you can give any gift for them to sign up. After that, you can use permission marketing and turn your audience into a loyal tribe. 

Say Hi To Strong Ties With Customers

Customers always look for authentication. Moreover, they are likely to stick if they find you real. Therefore, it is important to build user trust by all means. Well, how can you earn user confidence through e-mail marketing?

I have gathered some points that can help you build a better relationship with your customers.

  •  You need to create emails that have an authentic approach.
  • The email must convey real facts and figures.
  • Email content must be of the highest quality.
  • Customers crave connection. Therefore, you must share bits and pieces of your personal stories.
  • Make surveys, questionnaires, etc., to know your customers better.

All the above statements can help you get good customer ties. So, consider them while creating a marketing e-mail.

Plus, you can contact any digital marketing agency for further guidance.

Emailing Works On Any Device – BOOM!

Do you know 60% of emails are opened via mobile phones? 

Well, mobile phone usage has been increasing over time. However, emailing can reach people on any device.

So, it is one of the best uses of e-mail marketing. It has brought a huge revolution in digital marketing. Plus, you can reach your potential buyers with great ease.

People are using their gadgets most of the time. Therefore, it is very unlikely that they will miss any emails. Moreover, they get your emails while working on tablets or laptops.

So, e-mail marketing is a miracle to reach people in no time, anywhere.

Wrapping It All Up

Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to boost your business. In addition, you can generate leads in the shortest possible time. Plus, It helps your customers build trust in your services. Also, you can use it to spread brand awareness among customers.

We cannot deny the importance of email marketing in the marketing field. Further, it is one of the strategies that yield efficient results.

So, consider incorporating e-mail marketing in your strategy to reap quick fruit.


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