Digital Tracking – The Index Of Measuring Your Digital Efforts

Do you want to know how your efforts are leaving marks in the digital world? Are you looking to keep track of your digital performance? Plus, do you need some know-how regarding digital tracking? Well, well, well! Take a deep breath. And Relax. We have got you covered with everything you need to track your performance.

You can track the user’s clicks and time spent on your website. Moreover, you can get an idea about the performance of your campaign. Digital tracking helps you with keeping a check on the analytics of your site. Plus, you can change your campaign strategy accordingly.

So, let’s cut the hassle straight away.

Read below everything you should know about digital tracking. 

Making The Most Of The Marketing Boom – Here’s To Why You Need Digital Tracking?

I must talk about why you need digital marketing tracking. But let me first say something about why you need it in the first place.

 So, have a bird’s eye view of tracking your digital performance.

Unlock Customer’s Journey

Well, digital tracking helps you track the journey of your customer. Moreover, you can check what consumers are doing online. And the best thing is you can analyze the rate of conversions. It is the hallmark of measuring digital marketing effectiveness.

Keeping a check on the consumer’s journey helps you with many things. You can practice better marketing campaigns to win their trust.

Discover Key Terms Leading To Interest & Conversation

Customer tracking data does wonders for you. Well, it gives you a clear idea of what your customers are looking for. You can keep track of customer conversation and interest through multiple platforms.

You can easily practice tailored strategies once you employ tracking marketing.

Compare The Journey Of Consumer On Competitor Site

It is the age of tough competition. Moreover, it would be best if you kept an eye on competitors to achieve success in digital marketing. So, digital tracking helps you compare your campaign to your competitors.

The comparison allows you to formulate better digital strategies. Plus, you can better understand the demands and needs of your consumers.

Unlock The Importance Of Search In the Customer Journey

You must know the consumer search. Tracking their searches can help you get a better idea about promoting your product or services and generating sales.

For example, a person searching for toiletries is likely to search for cosmetics or beauty products. So you can efficiently use the data to improve your campaign.

The Most Important Tools That Can Help You With Digital Tracking


Cyfe makes your business analytics a breeze. You can see all the related information about your site on one screen. It can track

  • Consumer trends
  • Sales & leads
  • Website Traffic

Whether you are a website host or social media manager, Cyfe is set to help you.


Once you enter the SEO world, Raventools is here to help you. You can track not only your website but the traffic of an SEO agency.

Raven tools help you with

  • Competitor research
  • Link building management
  • Keyword rank tracking & reporting

It is an ideal tool to optimize your site. Plus, the tool is great for agencies and SEO experts.


Klipfolio is an ideal digital tracking tool. In addition, it provides you with a customizable dashboard. Plus, you can get comprehensive data about your website using Klipfolio. It helps you

  • Track KPIs and metrics
  • Gather real-time website data
  • Measure business objectives

The tool is ideal to use for small and emerging businesses.


Mixpanel is a perfect tool for measuring digital marketing. Plus, you can keep track of consumer journeys using the tool. It allows you to

  • Understand your customers better
  • Consumer interaction with your product
  • Data analysis of product or service

Product managers can best utilize Mixpanel.

Moz Pro

It measures the performance & SEO of your content. In addition, you can get a complete idea of how good your content is in terms of SEO and quality. Moz Pro helps you check

  • Competitor’s performance on SERPs
  • Website Traffic
  • Readability

Digital marketers, SEO experts, and project managers can use this digital tracking tool best.


Kissmetrics is ideal for tracking marketing campaigns. Plus, you can improve your business metrics using this tool. It helps you improve your marketing strategies. Kissmetrics help you with

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your brand
  • Enlightening you on engagement metrics
  • Tracking user interactions & key insight

Business setups of any size can use Kissmetrics for digital tracking.


If you are looking for an all-in-one tool for digital tracking, SEMrush is the one. It aims to improve your online visibility. Plus, it helps make your site discoverable on search engines. The tool is useful for

  • Identifying competitors and ranking keywords
  • Link-building opportunities
  • Carrying out keyword research

SEMrush is ideal for SEO experts and business owners.


Do you want to track the digital marketing performance of your team? Use Geckoboard! It is an ideal digital marketing tracking tool for analyzing your team’s KPIs. It helps to

  • Share & build real-time business dashboards
  • Track product performance
  • Analyze team performance

Team managers can take great help from Geckoboard for monitoring the team’s output.

Ideal Softwares To Track Your Digital Performance

Now that you have a fine idea of digital tracking tools, here we come to the software. I have gathered the top three software for tracking your digital performance.

Google Analytics

It is an easy-to-understand tool and gives valuable insights into your website. Plus, it helps you give a detailed account of the user journey.

Adobe Analytics

It is an ideal software for tracking your digital marketing performance. In addition, it provides valuable insights into improving your website.

Paperturn Statistics

Paperturn is great for tracking a digital document. Moreover, you can check important statistics of your document using this software.

Wrapping It All Up

Digital marketing is evolving every day. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your website. Plus, tracking consumer journeys, searches, conversations, and competitor analysis can greatly help you. Likewise, you can improve your campaigns after checking the data analytics.

So, we have collected all information about digital tracking for you. Plus, we hope the article is helpful for all digital freaks.


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